who are new to crossfit or who need a refresher, are required to attend a 6 session (2 week) fundamentals class AND TWO REGULAR CLASSES (OF YOUR CHOICE) UNDER THE TUTELAGE OF ONE OF OUR MENTORS. These classes start every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month and are held from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday night.
These classes introduce the athlete to the basic moves, terminology, and methodologies of CrossFit.  Upon completion of the fundamentals class, the athlete will have a basic knowledge of how to safely perform a variety of moves as well as how to scale those moves down to their individual skill level in preparation to attend regular CrossFit class'. 


FIRST AND FOREMOST:  we are a crossfit only gym.  

In other words, we are not a yoga, pilates studio, or other typical big box, machine driven gym trying to cash in on the crossfit name...

we are also not associated with any other corrective health field.  

our opinion is; By selling other corrective health services within the gym;  that this creates a conflict of interest by trying to sell chiropractor services; physical therapy; or any other healing treatments.   our goal is to help you create a body  and lifestyle that does not require those other healing treatments.

we are a full timecrossfit gym.

Crossfit is our full-time jobs, this is our passion!   we don's have part time jobs and do this as a past time!  WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU REACH YOUR FITNESS GOALS!  your success is our success and we take this very seriously.

Here is what else we think sets us apart !

  • Safety first:  Our athletes are told; and our coaches follow the motto of:  "Work SAFELY, through a FULL RANGE OF MOTION, then for TIME!"
  • We are one of only two CrossFit gyms in a 100-mile radius that has sent an athlete to the CrossFit games!  OUR PROGRAM WORKS!
  • One of the most comprehensive FUNDAMENTALS class; that teaches new CrossFit athletes how to safely conduct almost all the movements commonly found in CrossFit as well as how to scale them down to your individual level of experience!
  • Nutritional guidance: You will be schooled on the PALEO lifestyle of eating and at any time you may request a review of your recent eating habits. 
  • 7,200 SQ. FT. facility that allows beginners, intermediates, and advanced athletes to workout at the same time!  We have a designated advanced section for those who want to follow their own programming or get extra work done after the WOD.
  • The FIRST EVER Virginia Beach, USA sanctioned Olympic lifting Club; VBBC (Virginia Beach Barbell Club).  Members get unlimited access to our dedicated Olympic lifting area at NO EXTRA CHARGE!!!!
  • BABYSITTING included in your membership Monday through Friday at 5:30pm class and during the 9:30 am Women's only class!

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