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the following is our competition sponsor agreement for those who want to be a part of our competition team: 

This agreement is between the CrossFit Café and Virginia Beach Barbell Club (XFC/VBBC) and those XFC/VBBC athletes who wish to be part of the XFC/VBBC competition team.  This document will establish requirements and responsibilities to be met by both the CrossFit Café and Virginia Beach Barbell Club and its competition athletes.  XFC reserves the right to dis-enroll any XFC/VBBC member who does not maintain the requirements set forth herein and not be held to those requirements agreed upon.  Any athlete dis-enrolled for any reason will be verbally advised of their status and will no longer be eligible for any of the agreed upon benefits contained in this agreement.


All XFC/VBBC athletes in good standing (full gym membership) and have been in good standing for 3 consecutive months are eligible.  In addition the athlete must be an active member during the time of any and all competitions.


Our competition team is to provide an avenue for those athletes who wish to take their level of fitness beyond those looking to improve their GPP (general physical preparedness) and to test their level of fitness in CrossFit / Weightlifting competitions.  As a member of our competition team you will be scrutinized more than the average athlete in regards to moving better and more efficiently.  All coach’s will be coaching you more from a judges aspect as well as a from a coaches aspect.

               Coaches aspect : Ensuring you are working safely; then through a full range of motion; then for speed; while providing hints and cues to reach full range of motion to avoid no-reps.

Judges aspect:  Same as the Coaches aspect… Full range of motion in all moves but also calling no reps during workouts/training sessions.

The Competition year begins at the end of CrossFit Open (Approximately 1, April) and ends at the close of the CrossFit Open (usually Monday of the final Open WOD)

The culmination of the year, and the only required competition for all athletes, will be the CrossFit Open.  All XFC/VBBC athletes agree to participate in the CrossFit Open and represent the CrossFit Café team!  If any athletes have remaining money left to spend on competition’s, they may use it for the CrossFit Open.

Competitor requirements:          

When registering for competition you must designate that you represent XFC for the competition.

Athletes can complete in any competition they would like but must check with XFC prior to registering to ensure the competition meets XFC/VBBC requirements.

Athletes must wear XFC/VBBC gear to-from-during the entire competition; at a minimum a gym t-shirt will meet this requirement.

Competitors agree to train a minimum of 3 days per week, preferable 5 times per week.  This training can consist of any type of training… The gym daily WOD, competitor WOD, Catalyst WOD, Outlaw WOD or anything the athlete desires.  Athlete programming/training should focus around your weaknesses and to improve upon them until they are no longer a weakness, at which point you will identify other weaknesses to work, and improve upon.  These weaknesses will be identified through competition and consultation with your coach’s. 

Recovery is a must and you must listen to your body.  EVERYONE needs rest and recovery days; that is how you get stronger!  Rest does not necessarily mean sitting around all day.  Recovery can be a light row, bike, or jog followed by rolling and stretching.  It can be performing Olympic complexes with only the bar followed by rolling and stretching.

Competitors will always work on getting stronger through focusing on the powerlifting moves; deadlifts, squatting, and presses; as well as practicing the highly technical moves; Snatch, clean and jerk !!!!  Strength is the hardest to improve upon and translates into a more, well-rounded athlete/human in general.

Log all of their training sessions in Wodify.  This is how XFC will determine your commitment and the coach’s will be able to assess your training.

Maintain a proper athletic diet!  Diet is everything.  It keeps your engine running correctly all the time, helps you get through a WOD, and more importantly, helps you recover from a WOD! 

ALL competitors will be expected to be great ambassadors of the gym at all times by maintaining a positive attitude towards your team mates and fellow competitors alike!

After every competition you will re-assess your current training and make adjustments as needed. 

All of this can and should be done with the assistance of your XFC/VBBC coaches!

XFC / VBBC requirements:

As all the athlete requirements are met and maintained, XFC / VBBC coaches will do everything in their power to assist you in assessing your training to include identifying all weakness and training regiments to attack those weaknesses as you prepare for competition.

The gym will pick certain competition throughout the year that we think will provide a good chance to compete in and we will advertise this through social media.  Athletes are not required to compete in these however it is recommended so that we may take a large group of competitors for the team aspect of competition. 

XFC / VBBC will pay your registration fee’s; up to $100 per year, for CrossFit / Olympic lifting / The OPEN… (competitions).  These competitions MUST be cleared and approved by XFC PRIOR to registration.  XFC reserves the right to refuse payment if any competitor registers without prior approval and/or if XFC deems the competition not to be in the best interest of the athlete and/or the gym.


Competitions are not to be used as training.  Competitions are for testing yourself (how you handle the unknown; how you handle and manage stress; tests your training).  You are at the mercy of the competition and movements tested for that day and as such it should not be considered training.  In addition, competing more than once a quarter is not advised by XFC/VBBC.  Competition preparation should consist tailoring your training so that you peak on the day of training.  Prior to competing you should be taking extra rest/recovery day so that you are completely healed and ready to give 100%.  Your diet should be completely clean with plenty of hydration going into competition day.  After competition you should again take extra rest/recovery prior to commencement of training.  While recovering you should be assessing your competition performance to identify weaknesses that need to be improved upon.

*** Remember XFC/VBBC coaches are always available to help you in any way, USE THEM!!!




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